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18,9 Liter Steel Water Bottle Sibolle

No Plastic! Food Safe 18.9 L Stainless Steel Bottle

Material: Stainless food steel AISI304
Wall Thickness, mm: 0,60
Volume, L: 18,90
Weight, kg: 1,80
Overall Dimensions H х Ø, mm: 420 х 278
Bottleneck H х Ø, mm: 72,0 х 54
Polish type: Mirror
Production: Italy
40€ Empty Bottle
45€ Alpine Water Bottle
5€ Refill of the Water Botle

Advantages of Sibolle Bottle

The reuse number is more than 360 times
Does not pollute the environment and can be recycled and polished
Does not form harmful substances during prolonged storage and heating of water
Prevents the formation of cyanobacteria Does not penetrate the sunlight, providing the water with additional microbiological protection It is possible to store water at an ambient temperature of more than 250 degrees and under direct sunlight The bottle expiration date is more than 10 years Resistant to ozonated water Drawing a logo is possible
60 years are approximately 21900 days. 2 liters of water per day are 43,8 tons of water.
It Is Your Call…
80% – water occupies 80% of the body weight of a newborn baby
93% – for a four-month-old baby, this figure is equal to 93%
75% – water occupies 80% of the body weight of a person in full bloom
65% – for an older person, this figure is equal to 60-65%
…How Clean Your Body Will Be
More than 380 tons of plastic are produced per year. About 9% is processed, 12% is burnt, all the rest is released into the environment and to the dump...
18,9 Liter Steel Water Bottle nat
Our product is fully recyclable.


5 gallon Steel Water Bottle – a bottle that is made of stainless food steel. The bottle design is intended for use with existing bottling lines for water, pumps, coolers, and other HOD equipment.

For the HOD market, there are many other water bottle options. We suggest looking at the technical characteristics, disadvantages, and advantages of some of them in the comparison chart.

Material Stainless Steel – AISI 304 Glass Polycarbonate PET
Weight, kg 1,8 4,5 7,3 0,76 0,71
Overall Dimensions, (H x Ø), mm4 420 x 278 ~ 420 x 235 ~ 484 x 284 ~ 489 x 270 ~ 490 x 262
Number of Usage 360 50 recommended 60 30
Shelf life of Water > 1 year > 3 month
Storage Conditions Anywhere without temperature restrictions In a place where direct sunlight does not penetrate. At a temperature up to 20-30 ° C
Service life > 12 years > 12 years 3 years 2 years
Production technology Automatic argon-arc welding TIG Preform Blowing
Permissible washing temperature 5 — 90 °С 75 °С 75 °С 60 °С
Recycling Can be recycled non-existent non-existent
Environmental damage Eco-friendly Harm the Environment
Possibility of filling high-capacity water bottling line YES NO
Characteristics Stainless steel, resistant to corrosion in hostile environments. Water can be stored for a long time. Glass is chemically inert, and water does not react with its components. Heavy, breakable. 85% lighter than glass. Polycarbonate contains bisphenol-A. Low cost, polyethylene terephthalate penetrates the sunlight and oxygen into the bottle.

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